If you are enrolled at the Faculty of Management and Economics and think about writing your thesis at the Chair for Work, Human Resources and Leadership, you can find information about requirements and the writing process here. "Organizational Management" students can find more information on Master theses here.

Information event

Prior to every term (usually in January and July),an information event is held for both Bachelor's and Master's theses at our chair (details given below). Contact person for the information event is Immanuel Lutzeyer.

The slides of the information event on theses from 20.07.2022 can be found here.

Bachelor theses

The Chair for Work, Human Resources and Leadership can supervise 20 bachelor theses every term. Registration via E-Mail to (available for one month after each information event) and a written essay (3-5 pages) prior to the writing period are necessary for consideration for a supervision confirmation. Please consider this for your planning. Possible fields of research for the theses are listed below:

Master theses

The Chair of Work, Human Resources and Leadership can take on the supervision of 20 Master's theses at a time. If you are interested in a Master's thesis, you can apply for a topic by sending an e-mail to (see topic fields below). Please include your name, matriculation number, desired topic, modules you have attended with a grade and the planned registration date for your Master's thesis. You can also choose a topic from the list of available topics without obligation. If our supervision capacity is not yet exhausted, we will agree on a topic with you, for which you will then prepare an exposé (3-5 pages). Once this has been successfully agreed with us, the Master's thesis can be registered (more information on registration in FlexNow can be found here). Please allow sufficient time for the entire process; we reserve the right to put you on our waiting list first. Translated with (free version)

Topics for thesis:

  • Kompetenzmanagement
  • Führung
  • Wandel der Arbeitswelt: Flexibilisierung, Digitalisierung
  • Zukunftstrends in der Arbeitswelt: Big Data und Künstliche Intelligenz
  • Resilienz von Organisationen
  • Dynamische Fähigkeiten von Organisationen
  • Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB)
  • Entrepreneurship & Start-Ups
  • Simulationsbasierte Trainingsmethoden

Notes for the preparation of scientific work

Tips for scientific literature research at the RUB can be found here.

Instructions for preparing scientific papers can be found here.

Specific information due the outbreak of the coronavirus

Instructions for literature research from the home office can be found here.